Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to Maggie!

I can't believe Maggie turned seven years old on February 15th! For some reason seven seems so much older than six. Saturday night Maggie wanted to go eat at Dave & Busters so we did that. The girls played games and we collected the tickets that they won. We felt like we were ticket-rich but when we went to turn in our tickets for a prize we had actually won very little. So, the girls each got a sucker! But they were happy with that.

On Maggie's actual birthday we had a party here at our house and invited all the girls from her class. All but two came so we had a good turnout. I made smoothies with my new Magic Bullet smoothie maker and they played old-fashioned birthday games and we had a pinata. I didn't know how in the world that Ian and I would entertain 15 little girls for two hours, but the time flew by and it was great. I like this age because parents drop their kids off and come back two hours later. We're no longer in the stage where the parents have to hang around to take care of their own child or make sure their child is behaving at the party. I was so glad because I did not want to have to entertain all the parents too!! There was one little girl at the party that was SO high maintenance - it was very comical! First she wanted a strawberry-banana smoothie, then she decided she didn't like bananas so she requested a strawberry smoothie. After trying the strawberry smoothie she decided maybe she did like bananas and wanted the strawberry-banana one again! Then, later they had capri-suns and there was a picture of a banana on it so she refused to drink the capri-sun because it might have banana flavor in it. I reminded her that she liked the strawberry-banana smoothie and she might like this too, but she didn't go for it. When it was time for cake she shoved almost the entire piece of cake in her mouth in one bite and didn't use her utensil at all. Ian was about to have a coronary (you know how he is with cleanliness and messes and manners while eating?) he was cleaning that little girl up the whole remainder of the party. I had fun watching him stress over that little girl!

By the way, I have to mention this about Lucy. This is totally un-related to Maggie's birthday but it's funny and worth mentioning. There are about seven teachers at her daycare that are pregnant right now. There must be something in the water. They are all due within a few months of each other too. We also have a good friend that is pregnant that Lucy has been around lately. So, naturally Lucy thinks that she has a baby in her tummy too! She calls her baby Wally and when her tummy hurts she says "my baby scratching me" or she says "my baby trying to get out the hole" and points to her belly button. It's very strange, but cute too.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Introducing....Harper Lee Perry!

Harper is our crazy, new rat-dog! She's a jack russell/poodle mix, which is called a jack-apoo. She's a sweet puppy but she is wild as all get-out and loves to nip at our ankles and heels and whatever shoes we are wearing. Lucy pretty much runs from her to keep safe. She has a mouthful of tacks for teeth and she bites! So, we are all trying to adjust to having this wild thing in our house. We do love her, though, and she's a cutie!