Friday, June 20, 2008

Maggie Brooke

Things that tickle me about Maggie:

  • When she gets a new pair of shoes she MUST tell everyone that she encounters that she has new shoes, forcing them to pay her a compliment on her great shoes!
  • I love that she always wants to be a part of whatever is going on. No wallflowers in this family!
  • She's so in to fashion. If she thinks she looks cute in one thing then she'll wear it over and over and over. I'm getting pretty tired of the floral tubetop that is currently her go-to outfit.
  • She thinks she has died and gone to heaven if she gets to eat at the mall food court.
  • She says my breakfast casserole is better than eating at the mall!

Maggie's Art Camp

Maggie attended art camp this week at the Rec Center. She really enjoyed it. They created paintings and sculptures using different mediums. I was very impressed with her art. See for yourself....this one is an abstract self-portrait inspired by the artist Paul Klee...

This one is inspired by Van Gogh's Sunflowers

Maggie's Art Camp

Inspired by the artist Renoir.

Lucy Jane

Things that tickle me about Lucy:

  • When she takes her diaper off and runs through the house naked.

  • I love that she calls Maggie "Mammie"

  • She's so cute when she tries to sing her ABC's, which goes "ABCD won't you sing at me" and also Itsy Bitsy Spider is "It bit Pider."

  • I love that she makes a scribble mark on paper and holds it up and says "look mama, goldfish!"

  • When I pick her up from daycare and she says "Donalds?" because she wants to go eat at McDonalds...every day.

  • She's just like her mama because she loves to eat chips and cheese dip!