Sunday, September 12, 2010

Giant S'more Muffin Tops

I was looking at someone else's blog and read about a muffin top pan. It looks like a muffin tin but only wider and more shallow. So, I found one at Home Goods and bought it. Then I borrowed this recipe from that blog for giant s'more chocolate chip cookies. They're huge and fluffy and really easy to make! S'mores are my absolute favorite dessert so this is right up my alley.

Apple Jelly Weekend

I'm pretty sure I've turned into a granny because I actually made home-made crab apple jelly this weekend! I'm not sure what compelled me to make home-made jelly, maybe it was the giant apple tree in my yard with hundreds of big apples just looking neglected. So, I googled recipes for jellies and decided that was my goal for the weekend. My first attempt did not turn out so good, then I tried again the next day and I think maybe, just maybe, it was a success! It seems to be jelling and I should know for sure by tomorrow. By the way, in previous years this apple tree produced tiny little green apples and all my neighbors said it was a crab-apple tree. Well, this year it produced some pretty big red ones so now I'm wondering if it isn't a real apple tree?

Friday, September 10, 2010


Lucy told me the other day that she wants to start being called Lucille. She has all sorts of nicknames at her school. Somehow, I don't think she will want Lucille to stick with her for very long.
I haven't had a Lucy posting in a while so here she is wearing her pre-school uniform and all smiles. Her classmates look so darn cute in their uniforms and school colors, I can hardly stand it!