Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Happy Couple

Speaking of the wedding I attended in Arkansas, my long-time friend, Shawn, got married in Nashville to Mark, a guy that I grew up with. We actually all grew up together and graduated high school the same year. It was the second wedding for both of them. These two were like best friends all through school, but for whatever reason they never dated each other. They are SO perfect for each other and I'm so thrilled that after all these years, through tough times and unhappy relationships they have endured, they ended up falling in love. It has truly made my whole year and I'm so happy that I got to be there for their wonderful wedding day!

Snow Skiing in Vail

Our dear friends Jason and Allison Kidd came out to visit us in February to go skiing for a few days. Allison was my friend in college and Ian has known Jason his whole life because their parents were great friends. So, when they started dating each other many, many years ago they introduced me to Ian...on a blind date! The rest is history! We have stayed close to them and visit each other a couple times a year. They live in Bentonville, AR in Wal Mart country.

Mike and Carol came out and kept the girls and we headed to Vail with Jason and Allison. I had signed up for ski lessons because I had not skied since I was about 12 years old. I hated it when I was 12, but I remained optimistic this time. Allison is like a pro. She has skied every year since she was about Maggie's age. Ian is also a great skier. He's a real natural. Jason has only been skiing for about six years and he's so tall that I think it's a little challenging for him but from what I saw he was great too. The first day Allison went with me on the kiddie slope and I did pretty well going down it the first few times. She thought I didn't need lessons at all so I canceled them. After lunch we all four decided to take the lift up to one of the greens and ski it down together. We got in line to get on a four-person chair lift and they sent me up in line to sit down on it first, with them following right behind me. Well, I got my skis crossed and totally bit the dust and I could not get up! They backed out of the way and the chair came along and hit me in the back and the weight of the chair kept pushing me and pushing me as I'm crawling on my knees with skis going two different directions! It hurt so bad! The way my legs were positioned, I couldn't have even laid down and let it go over me. So, they shut down the lift! I was mortified, but that was the only way to get me out of there. We continued up the mountain after that fiasco and skied down in the rain and snow. I was terrible just like I was when I was 12. I decided skiing is just not that fun - it's scary! So I only skied that day. I'll definitely try it again because I want to take my girls so they can learn while they're young and not be afraid like I am.

Unfortunately, Lucy had strep while we were gone and Maggie got it later in the week. I got it several days later (when I was in Arkansas for a wedding) and when I talked to Carol after they got home, she had it too! We're all better now and we're looking forward to spring and planning summer activities and vacation with the kids.