Saturday, August 30, 2008

Movie Night Part II - Hoodwinked

We had another neighborhood movie night on the neighbor's garage door. This time it was Hoodwinked. Tons of kids showed up in their pajamas and their sleeping bags and pillows. The kids had popcorn, Twizzlers, soft drinks, Junior Mints, Whoppers, your typical movie snack food. Lucy was cramming Twizzlers in her mouth so quick that I was afraid there wouldn't be any left for the other kids! She's the youngest kid on the street so she is a hand-full at events like this. I can't take my eyes off of her or she'll be destructing something. Unfortunately, she got sick in the middle of the night after movie night - it could have been all the candy she ate but it has lingered so I'm thinking it must be a stomach virus.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Maggie's First Day of 1st Grade

Three Weeks in Arkansas

We spent three wonderful, hot weeks in Arkansas in July visiting with all of our families and friends. Maggie and Lucy thoroughly enjoyed getting all the attention, hugs and kisses from all the grandparents. We were on the move the entire time. I don't know if we stayed in one place more than three nights in a row. They loved getting to see cousins Ryan, Betsy and Ethan. They all just picked up where they left off as if they just saw each other last week, like we never moved across the country.

Ryan and Lucy "cutting a rug" at Sam's Pizza. Maggie danced so wild and crazy that she flailed about and knocked a drink out of someone's hand. The lady was a little ticked off but there was a sign that clearly read "no drinks on the dance floor" ... so there!

We stayed with Dad and Anne for several days and they kept my kids while I worked in the Acxiom office. Uncle Bennett and Cousin Natalie were in town staying with Mawsy and Papa. For some reason Maggie is just now realizing that Bennett is my other brother and she thought that was just about the coolest thing she'd ever heard. She told Mawsy she thought maybe I was trying to keep him a secret or I was trying to keep her from knowing that he was my brother!

Yummy dinner at Flying Fish!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Cousin Ethan's 4th Birthday Party

The girls enjoyed going to Ethan's birthday party in Benton. Lucy had no fear in going down the giant slides at Party Central. Ethan had a great party and we were so glad we were in town to attend. He had an adorable Kung Fu Panda cake.