Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th Weekend

The girls were in a neighborhood July 4th parade. We decorated Maggie's bike and Lucy's stroller and all the kids and parents walked the parade route around the neighborhood pool/park area.

We attended the Parker fireworks display later that night with some neighbors. It was the best display I'd ever seen!

Ian's company was sponsoring a pro volleyball tournament in Boulder, CO all weekend on the Colorado University campus. We stayed overnight and took the girls to that on Saturday and Sunday. We stayed at the St. Julien Hotel, which was one of the coolest hotels I've ever stayed in.

At the CU stadium they created volleyball courts on top of the turf, but it actually felt like we were at the beach. I fell in love with Boulder! The Pearl Street Mall was really great. It reminded me a lot of Dickson street in Fayetteville, but even more weirdos.

All the sponsors of the tournament got to compete in a tournament of their own on Sunday morning and here is Ian serving the ball. He played really great!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lucy, concentrating so hard to do her pretty smile.

Movie Night - Ratatoullie

Last Saturday our neighbors had a movie night and invited all the kids to watch Ratatoullie in the driveway on a sheet that was hung up on a garage door. The weather was perfect for an outdoor movie. Lucy kept walking in front of the movie projector so that nobody could see the screen. We had to put her to bed early and Maggie conked out half-way through the movie, but it was great fun while it lasted!

- Don't these two look guilty -

Lucy's morning hair.

They thoroughly enjoyed licking the chocolate!