Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pikes Peak...uh, Maybe Not

So we set out to go to Pikes Peak a few Sundays ago. We can actually see Pikes Peak from our house, well, our neighborhood actually. It's beautiful. You can see mountains in almost any direction that you look. We've been wanting to go to Pikes Peak and we allowed ourselves an hour to get there from home but we didn't count on traffic and other things so we were late and missed the time that we were planning to catch the cog railway to the top of the peak. But we were actually glad it didn't work out because by the time we got there it was so overcast and yucky out that we don't think we would have had a good view if we had gone up. Colorado Springs has many different tourist attractions so we headed over to the Cave of the Winds and toured caves, which sounds creepy, but was actually very cool and the kids loved it! I didn't get very many photos of us in the cave, but yes, we are suckers for paying $10 for a photo that they took of us!

Back to School

First day of school

The kids on our street holding up the number
of the grade they are starting

Maggie and her friend Ryan

Friday, August 13, 2010

Arkansas in July

Here are a few of the pictures I took while we were in Arkansas in July visiting family.

Maggie and Betsy

My birthday cake

Me eating my birthday cake at Hawg's Pizza

Grant and Ryan

Betsy, Maggie, Ryan and Lucy

Lucy on Marmee's dock

Lucy and my mom

Ethan, Maggie, Olivia, Lucy and Noah

Maggie and Lucy with Nana on the morning we left

Hot Springs Weekend With Friends

Here are my best buds from college. We had a great time together. I think they all look amazing and two of them just had babies!

Me, Catherine Hubbard Adams, Carrie White Teeter,

Megan McKinnon & Misty Sullivan Freeman