Thursday, July 1, 2010

Countdown to 35

Oh boy, it is July 1st and there are 22 days until my 35th birthday. Boo hoo.
This wouldn't bother me so much if I looked 25. But I look 35. I'm definitely experiencing the wrinkles on my forehead, crows feet around my eyes, and massive dark circles and bags under the eyes. I have cellulite - it's in my genes, and it's in my jeans! Gasp! I literally woke up one morning ten months ago and looked in the mirror and thought, where'd I go? This is sooooooooo not cool.

Ian says Colorado women look harsh. Too much sun. Too much exposure to the elements. Cold winters = dry, hard looking faces. Guess I'm officially "Colorado women."

Boo hoo.

Oh well. I'm healthy. I have two amazing, healthy, happy kids that I'm incredibly proud of. Ian and I are still married after ten years and have a wonderful relationship and an awesome life together. We both have jobs when so many others don't. All of our parents are incredible grandparents. I have so many friends from childhood, high school and college that I know would be here tomorrow if I needed them. So....Yay me, yay us...maybe 35 isn't so bad - look at what all I have!
I'm looking forward to spending my 35th birthday with my college girlfriends later this month in Hot Springs. All five of us turn 35 in the months of July, August and September. Can't wait to see those girls.