Sunday, April 26, 2009

Visit from Nana & Pop

The Perrys came to visit us over the weekend. They were only here a short time so we didn't do too much. Here are a few pictures I took of them with the girls.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Maggie the Jolly Tall Giant

Maggie has always been about a head taller than her classmates but here's the proof! This is her friend Robbie that lives across the street. He's two months older than her!

Lucy Jane Turns 3!

We celebrated Lucy Jane's big day by going to Chuck E. Cheese with the two neighbor boys, Jack and Joe. For months Lucy kept telling me she wanted to have a "pink pony birfday with Jack at ChuckCheese" so that's what we set out to accomplish! I guess we're terrible parents because I'm one of those moms who went above and beyond for the first born child and the second child pretty much gets the shaft. Poor Lucy has to wear the hand-me-down clothes, the second hand tricycles, bikes, scooters, and unfortunately only gets to invite two people to her third birthday party. I guess after having several over the top birthday parties for Maggie when she was younger, I've learned that all that is not necessary. But don't fret Lucy Jane...you will get your big birthday parties in the years to come!

We had an enjoyable time at Chuck E. Cheese playing and dining on pizza and Wal Mart cupcakes. She got a new bike from us, which she has been riding around inside the house on the hardwoods all week. We got massive amounts of snow last weekend so we let her bring the bike in to practice. I keep telling her how big she is riding around on her big girl bike and her reply is always "yep, I'm really good at sumpin." Of course the bike has training wheels but she still falls down quite a bit when she gets stuck between the couch and coffee table. Her daycare told us on Monday that they had noticed lots of bruises on her sides and that they would have to document them!!!! I racked my brain trying to figure out how she could have gotten these mystery bruises in the same place on both sides and it's got to be the bike wrecks! So embarrassing...they must think we're child abusers!! I was a little offended at first that they had to "document the bruises" but Ian and I decided we were glad that the daycares are looking out for the kids in their care because there are lots of kids who ARE actually being abused by their parents and nobody is paying attention!

It's been so hot the last few days and I rolled the windows down on my car. Lucy told me she "liked that wind blowin up her hair!"

By the way, Lucy does NOT pose for pictures so I get the back of her head in EVERY picture. I did manage to get one of her in the princess carriage.