Friday, May 29, 2009

Surprise Office Makeover for Ian

Ian was out of town earlier this week so I did a "while you were out" sort of office makeover and surprised him. He basically just had a desk, office chair and piles of papers lying all over the floor. It was becoming an eyesore and I was tired of looking at that mess. So, I painted the walls, built a shelf for his files and printer and hung some curtains and new art - tried to make it as masculine as possible. It's nothing special but it looks tons better! He was so surprised!

Before and after...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day, New Bikes and Mother Daughter Brunch

Maggie likes to write stories that start out "Once upon a time...." and I kept finding all these short, one-page stories in her room that were about two little girls who had no mother, only a father, and they hoped and dreamed they would get a new mother and finally one day their father fell in love again. I was starting to get a complex...was this Maggie's way of telling me she wished I wasn't her mother or wanted to trade me in for a new one? But Mother's Day came around and all my fears were erased because Maggie did and said some very special things and made me feel loved once again! We dined at Olive Garden for Mother's Day because I wanted a substantial meal. The last Italian restaurant that Ian and I went to we had minuscule portions and it cost almost $200. When we southerners want Italian we want the pasta to cover our entire plate and be smothered in alfredo or something really rich and bad for you. And we want all the salad and breadsticks that we can shove in our mouths. So, Olive Garden did just that for me! Here is a pic from Mother's Day and the new bikes that they both recently got.

Maggie's friend, Lauren, and her mother hosted a Mother & Daughter brunch this morning for all the little girls in Maggie's first grade class since the school year is coming to a close. It was so sweet. They drew pictures of their moms and I had purple hair, a big nose (of course) and was covered in freckles! All the girls filled out questionnaires about their moms and this is what Maggie put about me (and I'm spelling it exactly as she did):

My Mom is __33__ years old.

My Mom weighs __20___ pounds.

My Mom looks like _a tulup___.

My Mom smells like _a rose____.

Her favorite food is __salman__. (can't believe she knew there was an "L" in it)

Her favorite color is __green__.

Her favorite thing to do is __work__. (yeah right!)

Her favorite tv show is __home garden__.

My favorite thing to do with my mom is _sit__.

My Mom's job is _Acsiam__.

For fun, my Mom likes to _Read__.

The thing I like best about my Mom is _shes nice__.

She knows me pretty well except for the work answer, and the 20 lbs! Here are some pictures from the brunch with the pretty little ladies in her class and one terrible picture of me with Maggie, eyes about to close. I'm notorious for ruining a good pic with my eyes closed.