Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just Random Stuff

I would kill for this head of hair.

My weakness. Chocolate chip pumpkin bread. If you would also like to indulge in this sweet treat just buy the pumpkin bread mix at the store and throw in some chocolate chips and follow directions on the box. My kids LOVE it! Lucy calls it cornbread. She gets confused.

Why do kids these days wear different socks? And they sell them like that!

Is this dress cute or ugly? I bought it for an upcoming fancyevent that we're attending and Ian thought for sure that I'd purchased a tablecloth! I thought it was fun and looked very retro. I'll soon see how embarrassed he is to be seen with me in this lovely tablecloth! Ask me if I care, ha!
I love me some good wine and this is the bomb dot com! ANAPEReNNA is a Shiraz Cabernet mix. Best. Wine. Ever. Just FYI...

My new discovery is Wild Tree. It's a line of oils, sauces, dressings and seasonings that you can buy from an idependent rep in your area. It's all natural with no additives or preservatives. I attended a party and bought several things, plus they give you recipes and meal ideas and provide direction on healthier options when cooking. So far everything has been excellent and just with the few things I bought, it's already made a big difference! Check it out - just google "Wild Tree" and you'll find it. Here is a very healthy shrimp scampi using their shrimp scampi blend and some special protein packed pasta. It doesn't look so appetizing sitting in this tupperware dish but it was terrific!

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